Green Srl : Innovative, Individual, Italian.

Green is an Italian brand specializing in high-end furniture made of technically innovative plastics.

By interchanging colors of the bases, backs, and tops, each Green item can essentially be a custom-designed chair, stool or table.

Colorful and lively, Green products are suitable for use in nearly any setting, refined or informal, indoors and outdoors.

Green offers a wide variety of chairs, including desk chairs, as well as barstools and tables.

Many of the chairs are stackable and suitable for indoor/outdoor living.

Some of the Green chairs and barstools are available with leather seats.


All those companies looking for building a unique style are able to glorify the personality of their own products giving birth to a clearly well-known brand.

All of their creations are one and only, but at the same time they’re also able to melt into a wide business project.

1996 Green was born out of Fasem, leading company of the Luxury style, and it quickly achieves the essence of elegance thanks to the creation of an affordable, extremely refined hi-tech collection.

These features destine Green to the Design universe, allowing us to affirm that its masterpieces are innovative products, tempting and cozy at the first sight.

Green endlessly enriches its collections with brand-new creations, never essential but rich in sensuality and softness, typical of the modern living.