Coat rack or Totem lamp, are inspired by the nature.
Realized in colored polyethylene, Bamboo is available in 6 colors .
Opt for it and enrich it with its additional birds if you are feeling brave.
Bring a fresh and natural touch to your spaces through this original coat rack.



Structure in polyethylene.
4 green leaves in polypropylene
Removable accessory BIRD in painted steel

Poyethylene colours
PT001 White
PT002 Green
PT005 Anthracite
PT007 Plum
PT009 Yellow
PT010 Red

Steel colors
BIRD001 White
BIRD004 Red
BIRD005 Black
BIRD009 Yellow
BIRD00C Chromed

Coat stand size
Height: 184 cm
Larghezza: 30 cm
Profondità: 30 cm

Carton size
Dimensions: 32 x 52 x 187cm
Volume: 0,19 m3
N. coat stand per carton:1

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