Rivet Punk-P

The Rivet Punk-P Adjustable Barstool has a sculptural chromed pedestal that is enriched by an elegant leather seat with gas-assisted adjustable lift.
Sinuous and ergonomic, the Rivet Punk-P achieves the perfect balance between modernity and classic taste.
Available in thirteen leather options.



Seat in multilayer wood.
Padding with Alpina leather or Ecoleather.
Chromed or matt steel frame – base ø 44cm.

Alpina leathers
Alpina 101 Light brown
Alpina 102 Black
Alpina 103 Sienna
Alpina 104 Dark brown
Alpina 105 White
Alpina 107 Cool grey
Alpina 109 Dark red
Alpina 110 Red
Alpina 119 Dark green

Eco-leather colors
E001 White
E002 Black
E004 Beige
E008 Dark brown

Bar stool size
Width: 44,5 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Height: 79 / 114,5cm
Seat height: 53 / 89cm
Weight for 1 piece: 20kg

Carton size
Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 85cm
Volume: 0,19 m3
N. bar stool per carton: 1

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