Materials, use and maintenance

The responsibility for environmental sustainability in industrial production represents a «green» hope for the future of all of us. Even in the production and molding of technopolymers it is possible to contribute to the recycling process of materials and to a method of production that respects and keeps the environ- ment clean.

All the products of the Collection “green” by Green srl are made with 100% recyclable materials since the individual components that make them up are quickly differentiable.
All the materials used by Green srl for its own production are top quality. 95% made in Italy and the remaining 5% is made in the European Community.

Boy Collection

Recycled polypropylene (PP) compound made with a percentage from 70% to 98% deriving from post-industrial waste (PIR) of the EASYLENE commercial line.

All products


Green srl uses technopolymers with optimal characteristics for its production, such as:
strength, stability, non-toxicity, inalterability to atmospheric agents including mold, smog and dust or resistance to UV rays. All technopolymers are fully recyclable with respect for the environment.

For cleaning, use only neutral liquid soap diluted in water. Clean with a soft damp cloth to avoid scratches, never use abrasive sponges. Do not use aggressive products, based on chlorine and solvents in general such as alcohol, petrol, ammonia etc…, because these substances tend to opacify the plastic surfaces.

All Green srl chairs are produced by molding and therefore are equipped with an injection point positioned for some items on the edge of the seat or the backrest, or on the rear legs.
This injection point, more or less visible, might seem in the eyes of non-experts a small imperfection, but in reality, it is an intrinsic feature of the product which cannot be eliminated.
Glass fiber is as an additive of the plastic material used for production that is indispensable for the strength and solidity of the chairs but that forms light whitish halos on the surface of the seats, more or less visible according to the color of the chair. Normally, the darker the color is, the more noticeable it is.
In the eyes of non-experts, these whitish halos might also seem imperfect but in reality they are an intrinsic feature of the product, synonymous with quality.

Metals: steel

Green srl pays the utmost attention to “mechanical strength Newtons” and to the high quality of the steels used in the construction of its products.
Steel is a very robust metal that is well suited to mechanical processing. It is chromed or polyester powder coated for lasting resistance to use.
For the production of all the frames of its Collection, Green srl can count on the thirty-year experience of its own workshop, specialized in metalworking. Same thing for the various types of chrome plating. Even in that case, Green srl can count on a thirty-year experience sister company which carries out all the processing phases in absolute compliance with European environmental regulations.

Metals: aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that combines lightness with great strength. The surface is anodized for complete resistance to corrosion.

To clean steel or aluminum metal surfaces, use only a soft damp cloth. Do not use specific abrasive creams or pastes to clean metals, do not use solvents. It is recommended not to use abrasive sponges or metal wool.

Eco-soft leather
For daily cleaning, use a soft cloth moistened with water. For stubborn dirt, use a soft sponge with soap and water. Do not use abrasive products or detergents or solvents. Absorb spilled liquids immediately with a clean dry cloth.
Soft leather
For the production of upholstered seats and backs, Green srl uses only the best quality leathers, only and exclusively of food processing origin. It makes sure and guarantees that no animals are deliberately killed for its own production.
For daily cleaning, use a soft dry cloth. For stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. Do not use abrasive products or detergents or solvents.
For daily cleaning, do not brush but use the vacuum cleaner regularly, avoiding exerting pressure on the fabric. For light stains, use a soft damp brush, possibly using mild soaps or white vinegar diluted in plenty of water. Do not use abrasive products, detergents or solvents. Do not use high pressure steam generators.

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